Saturday, November 19, 2011

Singing for the Troops

In 1941 a nonprofit was created for morale and recreation for our soldiers. This private organization soon began a tradition of entertainment that attracted the iconic stars from back home that populated the big screen during this era. One of the most renowned icons to entertain the troops was Bob Hope and in 1996 the U.S. Congress considered this iconic legend as an honorary veteran of the U.S. armed forces. Bob Hope was a legend that truly believed in supporting our troops especially during times of war. In 1990 Bob Hope gave the gift of himself to our American servicepeople with a final Christmas show during Operation Desert Shield. His support even extended to all royalties being signed over to the United Service Organizations  Inc. (USO)  from his book, The Last Christmas Show. Today the final curtain may have been drawn for Bob Hope, yet his memory and his influence is still alive today - especially in the heart of a once local girl from Salem, MA Darlene Louf.

As a little girl Darlene shared many things with her grandmother. Perhaps, the most influential time was when the two of them hunkered down to watch the Bob Hope specials on television. A small girl, who already had the voice of an angel often she sang with her grandmother. Darlene recalled one very specific memory from that time, "Oh I must have been about 8 years old and I remember saying to my grandma I'm going to sing for the troops someday just like Bob Hope!" When Darlene was asked why she wanted to entertain and support the troops she told her grandmother that it was the happiness that Bob Hope was giving through music and through himself - a piece of home that he always gave to our armed servicepeople; a true inspiration for a young child to witness.

It is a part of Darlene still today as she honors both her grandfather and her aunt that served as well as all the troops in anyway that she can. Believing that anyone that either has served or that still serves us and our country, Darlene advocates to let troops always know they are not forgotten nor are their families forgotten either. Working with an organization called Guard Support( that is located in Beverly, MA as well as maintaining her own Facebook page called Voices for the Troops she is someone who sings locally for those who give so much for our freedom because through music it is a way of giving back and making others smile.

Making people smile and giving back is a gift that is within all of us. Though, it is your choice on whether you choose to keep this precious gift for yourself or to share this precious gift with others. Darlene Louf chooses to share like the USO still shares today providing a variety of programs and services to U.S. military personnel and their families. Bob Hope's legend still lives on as our nation's love and support will forever live on for our troops. Our prayers and our blessings always to those who have sacrificed and to those who do continue to sacrifice for us all.

Voices For our Troops on Facebook!/pages/Voices-for-the-Troops/151737034862132

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