Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fearless Fashion; In Memory of Sara Smith Co-Founder Breast Friends Foundation

Adam Smith, Ashley Herron Shultz,

Trish Grzela at Fearless Fashion 2010



Fearless is a state of mind, a state of the soul, a state of being that pertains to friends, family, and the "warriors" fighting breast cancer. It has been battled since the time of the ancient Egyptians and continues to be fought by thousands to this day. Per the National Breast Cancer Foundation each year approximately 200,000 women as well as some men are diagnosed with this cancer. It is a form of cancer which is second to lung cancer in deaths amongst women; though the number of deaths have been declining during the recent years due to education, support, and donationns to aid in the cause.

Campaigns for breast cancer awareness are not only effective in bringing attention to the disease, but they raise money that aids in advances within the medical field. It is these medical advances that give a longer life and at times a recovery with more than 2 million breast cancer survivors alive in America today - especially with an early diagnosis that raises the survival rate. Since the first campaign during the 1930's and 1940's by the American Society for the Control of Cancer(The American Cancer Society) a first of its kind campaign called the "Women's Field Army" prompted dectection and prompted medical intervention which paved the way for each generation to expect a better chance of surviving this once deadly disease.

My memories of my maternal grandmother do not exist. When I was a 3 year old my grandmother loved me to pieces, so my mom told me except, any pieces of a memory for my grandmother were lost in 1967 when she died of breast cancer. Now, as a grandmother myself I am confident I would be a survivor today because of the generosity of others who donate their time and their money for patient support programs and breast cancer research.

One non-profit that raises money is the Breast Friends Foundation founded in 2006 by two locals from Marblehead, MA. - Sara and Adam Smith. The foundation has since raised thousands of dollars for cancer research and cancer services. This non-profit not only makes a difference in their community it makes a difference in the lives of those living and those fighting breast cancer. And the Breast Friends Foundation joins forces with 3 local businesses in Salem, MA. - Radiance Avedas Lifestyle Salon & Spa, The Boutique at 318 Derby Street, and Glitterati; you too are needed to enlist to fight the fight against this devastating disease.

To join forces with others you can either donate on-line at or join us on October 11th from 6pm-9pm; Purchase tickets in advance or at the door with all proceeds to be donated to the Breast Friends Foundation. Enjoy the music of DJ Marc Saccoccio, indulge in the hor d'oeuvres, or as a VIP get primped by the stylists, receive merchandise discounts, and watch the models rock the runway with a visually pleasing fashion show. To help fight the fight against breast cancer please join us at Radiance Avedas in Salem, MA. as we all join in unity and we all remain fearless for all those battling this disease.

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