Sunday, July 10, 2011

GoodFright; Salem's Eve of Saints

  • Walking Through Salem, MA on All Hallows Eve
    I stumble upon a celebration; what can it be?
    Costumed revelers dance through the town
    as unsettled spirits are no longer bound.

  • Halloween has unleashed ghosts that taunt
    as visitors gather to enter old haunts.
    The Common is ablaze with sights and sounds
    while Wiccas worship - magic is around.

  •  Children laugh and squeal with delighted fear,
    Attend a seance if you dare.
    Visit the graveyard where Judge Hathorne now lives
    Pray for the souls condemned by ignorance.

  • The men and women hung and tortured at Gallows Hill
    are forever remembered in our hearts still.
    Continuing my walk towards Derby's Wharf.
    I smell the salt and imagine the old port.

  • One time alive and bustling with cargo and seamen
    along with the tales of pirate adventures out in the ocean.
    I stroll to the House of Seven Gables and stare
    intently I listen for any remaining souls there.

  •  Hearing nothing but the wind whispering I turn and see
    Nathaniel Hawthorne's ghost floating in front of me!
    My heart pounds loudly I barely can hear
    the sound of footsteps coming near

  •  A hand grasps my arm as I shriek
    It's only my friend asking what kept me
    shaking my head trying to clear the haze of a dream
    I realize things are not always what they seem.

  • So I continue my journey through a city that is alive
    with history, heritage and any type of being you may spy.

    To all have a Happy Halloween and GoodFright!!!!
    Tammy Anne Callahan-Callanan

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